As attention spans dwindle, artists often find themselves implementing as many moving parts and stage pieces as they can to invigorate their live performances. From the twerking of Miley Cyrus to the lighting used at Coldplay concerts, shows that focus on an artist’s voice are increasingly rare—so, too, are popular artists with voices worth highlighting.

More common than ever before are acts who can’t match the vocal chops as presented on wax; vocal stacking, Auto-Tune, and poorly disguised lip-syncing are the new normal for many crooners.

Everyone endures bad days, though, and plenty of good singers experience their fair share of woes while performing live for a crowd. Chalk it up to exhaustion, onstage multitasking or nerves, artists from Oasis to the Weeknd are far from flawless outside of the studio booth.

Here are 9 Terrible Live Performances By Good Singers.

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