I'll be the first to admit it. After following it so closely for so long and being ingrained in the scene for what seemed like an eternity, I've grown fairly disconnected and overall uninterested with moombahton. I've seen a number of my artist and producer friends grow from this sound and turn it into a successful career, but while crews like the Original Moombahton dudes and their two stellar compilations are trying to re-energize the sound... there seems to be a long standing and overwhelming identity crisis at this point.

I'm here writing up this Krumm record because, simply, it's the shit. It moves from dancehall to moombahton with relative ease, has an intense club banger feel with no typical dutch synths or played out gimmicks, and it moves 100% with an impulse of progression. Other than it sounding like it could use a better mixdown and master, this is the best moombahton track I've heard in 2014. And when I got into the genre years back, the ideal was to push things forward at all costs. More of that stance and more tracks completely unafraid of conventions like this one and the genre has a chance to light it up again.