We're hearing that the service for Zack Fortune is actually going down this morning. We're still in shock from word of his passing, and are loving that so many people are speaking out about how much Furoche meant to them. And while we don't have any details on where that memorial service is going down, we have seen word that Slake NYC is throwing a tribute show for Zack Fortune tonight. As you can see from the flyer, if you say "FUROCHE" at the door, you get in free. Subset and FIGHT CLVB will be on the decks (with many more performances to be announced, we imagine). Word is that $1 from every drink sold in the RED ROOM will be donated to Zack's family; there will also be donations accepted as well. So if you're in the NYC area tonight and want to pay tribute to Zack's memory, Slake's the place.