Billion Dollars hooked us up with a dope record to post a couple weeks ago called "Enfermo," and he doesn't seem to be slowing down with releases at all.  He also seems keen on using our platform to push these incredible records, and we can't say that we're mad at that at all.  Hailing from Mexico, his style of moombahton is more aggressive and gritty than most, but the subtle changeovers in each record are the real win. "Dollahton" combines gritty synth work, tasteful vocal samples, and uses the tease of a giant build to drop into a record that focuses mostly on thumping drum work.  It unfolds in a completely non-conventional way, but it's still an undeniable banger.  This one is a Do Androids Dance exclusive, and it's a freebie.  We imagine he's going to flood us in the coming months, but be sure to give him a like or a follow if you fuck with the content.  It's really the least you could do.