Nicki Minaj is on a new wave in 2014. Not only in how she's approaching her music, but also how she's turning heads with her new look. No more ultraviolet wigs, excessive makeup, and flamboyant costumes—Nicki is going all natural (at least for the time being). This stylistic change has been welcomed with open arms by die-hard fans and neutral camps alike, who can't help but praise Nicki Minaj for doing more with less.

Now that Nicki has released her new single "Pills N Potions," we're officially in The Pink Print era, and we absolutely love everything that encapsulates this new phase in her career. Including her look. From walking the red carpet to spending quality time with friends, check out these amazing photos of Nicki Minaj in 2014. The best part? There's still seven months left in the year.

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