Game six of the first round playoff matchup between the Brooklyn Nets and the Toronto Raptors is underway, and several important celebrities are in attendance at the Barclays Center. Both Jay Z and Drake have come out to watch the game, although they are seated on opposite ends of the court. During the first game of the series, Drake said that "Jay Z is somewhere eating a fondue plate" during an interview. There is no fondue plate in sight tonight, but Jay Z is seated next to Beyoncé.

Earlier during the game, the Barclays Center took a jab at Drake by photoshopping a Nets jersey over his wardrobe.

UPDATE: Following the game, Drake posted a picture of Funkmaster Flex on his Instagram. The caption says: "This guy on the radio so excited about the win. I hear you talking..." This is in response to the Raptors losing to the Nets tonight.

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