When Whiskers Po dropped a gem of a DAD Mix on us, he included one name we've been meaning to give a bunch of shine to: Principal Dean. The Burlington, VT-based producer, who thus far had releases with Astro Nautico, B.YRSLF Division, Loveless Records, Party Guy Records, and RAW Records, has been out here for a minute. No genre tag too fitting, Principal Dean effortlessly floats his work between house, hip-hop, and electronica, and the result is undeniably delicious. Now you can dive into his deep SoundCloud (his Ham & Bangers house mix is great), or you can dive into his new DAD Mix. Truth be told, we've been sitting on this for a while, but we needed the right time to drop this so we're psyched that time is finally here. A 45-minute audio journey of futuristic dreamscapes that never stays still for a second too long, Dean showcases exactly why he is Principal of the class.

When Principal Dean sent his mix in, he included this note:

My name is Principal Dean and I love life, drum machines and synthesizers. I enjoy long walks on the beach while listening to Nguzunguzu. I could elaborate upon myself, but you should probably just listen to my mix instead. The first half focuses on live performance, using my launch pad like an MPC, playing live samples with no loops. I throw some live synth work in there, and move quickly. I assure you my rapid switch ups and style changes reflect both my personality and lack of genre commitment. The second half of this set transitions into an exclusive mix of unreleased tunes, with a visit from Mykki Blanco to close out. It is nice to meet you, and I look forward to getting to know each other this year.

Keep in touch with Principal Dean: Twitter | SoundCloud | Facebook


01. Tanika - Bad For U (Principal Dean Remix + Live Edit)
02. Slick Shoota - Pussy Clot Funk Dem (Principal Dean & Snakefoot Remix)
03. Caramel Brown - Whispers (Principal Dean Remix)
04. Principal Dean & Snakefoot - Edjing (unreleased)
05. Principal Dean - Clic (Live Edit)
06. Tony Quattro - KP's Ghetto Way
07. Djemba Djemba - Chronic Heart Failure
08. Principal Dean - Pay Up (Raw AAA)
09. Principal Dean - Nipsey Hussle Live Edit
10. Principal Dean - Keep Your Hands High Live Edit
11. P80 - Zodiak Triller
12. 618 - Freak You
13. Principal Dean - Be Mine (unreleased)
14. Principal Dean - Heavy Heavy (Cosmonostro)
15. Principal Dean - Get Done (Loveless)
16. Principal Dean - Air (unreleased)
17. Principal Dean - Buck 50 (unreleased)
18. Mykki Blanco - Booty Bamboo (Live Edit)