Breakbeats aren't for everyone, especially not ones that are above 160BPM. Most people, it seems, would rather stick to a straight four-to-the-floor rhythm. With that said it's no wonder that the sounds of drum & bass, footwork, jungle, juke, and the like have yet to really take off in a truly, massively global way. Om Unit's remix for Slick Shoota's "Keep Bussin'" is one of those tunes that while it's really dope to us, we can see why this would fly over the noggins of the massives. The track has an outerspace junglist vibe to lure you in to it but it's the frenetic footwork pace that'll get you. The remix bumps along heavily and is definitely too much for the average house head but if you're feeling up to it, dive into this and don't look back. Don't get scared of this and how to dance to it. Just sit back, close your eyes and imagine yourself in a space race as you dip, dive, and dodge asteroids and aliens as they come for your head. Just keep bussin'.