Hometown: Brooklyn

Twitter: @Leikeli47

You should listen to: "Miss America"

Brooklyn’s Leikeli47 rocks a ski-mask to hide her identity but it’s still not hard to connect to her music. Her musical palette includes the tempo of club music, occasional distortion of noise artists, sleek croons of R&B and witty shit-talking of traditional rap. But what makes her compelling is her ability to speak on issues relevant to the plight of the female emcee without being boring or preachy. All of these elements are highlighted on her tape, Lk-47pt.II which was released in February. The tape’s standout track “Miss America” opens with a skit of a young kid asking his father why girls have to wear pink and why boys have to wear other colors before Leikeli enters, proclaiming her individualism in between a hook that repeats “dress like a boy/ talk like a girl/ walk like a girl.” 

Later in Lk-47, she starts “They Got Hate” off by saying “This ain’t too African. This ain’t too Puerto Rican. This ain’t too West Coast. It’s just music”. That track is followed by her rendition of Drake’s “Hold On We’re Going Home” with “T.h.a.i”. Hellbent on staying free of categorization, still flying under the radar and having such range in a small body of work leaves hopes that Leikeli47 will keep pushing until she creates a style that is uniquely her own.