Remember last year when Daft Punk's full "Get Lucky" ad debuted at Coachella, after months of rumors regarding the androids possibly performing at Coachella? Then when people thought that Daft Punk punk'd the world with stand-ins at the Grammys earlier this year? What happened at Coachella during Arcade Fire's final set is kind of like a combination between the two, but seemingly without much in the way of Daft Punk involvement.

According to NME, there was a point during the Arcade Fire performance where two people dressed similarly to Daft Punk (and their Grammys attire) came out and, based on the video up above, "performed" some weird, slower version of "Get Lucky." Win Butler not only asked "what the fuck is happening" during the "performance," but he also apparently referred to the two individuals as "Phat Dunk." Now, there seems to be a number of people out there who think this is really Daft Punk. We have to say that we figure this is a troll, for a number of reasons. First off, the heights of the performers aren't the same as Thomas and Guy-Man. Also, the taller one (who's supposed to be Thomas" is rocking his helmet sans anything to cover up the back of his head and his neck; Thomas usually has on some kind of turtleneck or something to cover up the "human" elements of his character.

Plus, they aren't even touching any kinds of buttons, keys, or knobs. It's all just weird robotic moving to the groove. Sigh. We imagine a troll like this had a number of Coachella attendees shitting their pants, but from what we've seen, chatter regarding Daft Punk actually being at Coachella this year is on a minimum, but there are a number of pictures of Daft Punk Phat Dunk on stage with Arcade Fire: