Last night, Baton Rouge rapper Lil Boosie was finally released from prison. If you're not familiar with Lil Boosie (or only remember him for being featured on the 2007 hit "Wipe Me Down") you might have been shocked to go on Twitter and see so many damn people tweeting about Boosie. How many people were tweeting about Boosie? So many people that "Boosie" became a worldwide trending topic.

Granted, some of that was bolstered by the fact that many Twitter users were asking, "Who is Lil Boosie?" but that just means there were so many people on their timeline tweeting about Boosie they just had to take notice.

And of course, we took notice too as memes, jokes, and welcome home tweets began pouring in on our timelines. So to get you caught up on what you might have missed, we pulled together some of our favorite tweets for The Internet Went Nuts Last Night When Lil Boosie Was Released. So welcome home Boosie, this is the nonsense we kept ourselves occupied with while you were sitting in a jail cell...

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