What Wikipedia says: "In 1983, his mother became unconscious after having consumed a drugged drink and eventually died as a result of the gas in her apartment turned on amidst closed windows." - Wikipedia

He was eight-years-old. Yeah. Super messed up. Having never had a real childhood, 50 clearly has reasons for his aggression. The story—as revealed in 50's first interview, in 2000 with COMPLEX's Editor-In-Chief Noah Callahan-Bever for Blaze Magazine—was that his mother, Sabrina, who had a foot in the drug game, was drugged by someone she considered a friend, or at least close enough to be invited inside her apartment for a drink.

"A lot of people that are your friends aren't your friends," said 50, in his Blaze profile. "I think that a lot of the bad shit that happens to people happens because they let people get too close to them." This explains a lot—from his Machiavellian tear through hip-hop to the recent news that he was less-than-sensitive to the news of Lloyd Banks' father's death.