Admitting it straight from the jump, this is the first tune I've heard from The subs in a long time.  Years even.  They've been steadily releasing tunes on Lektroluv Records though and I was honestly psyched to hear something new from them when this hit my inbox.  What I heard actually completely blew me away.  "Trapped" featuring a crazy flip of the Colonel Abrams classic tune by the same name, is seriously some future gospel-flavored electronic music.  Maybe the gospel impulse is really there in impulse only as the lyrics suggest a relationship is needing to end, but the backing choir vocals and shuffle to the track suggest a much more uplifting tone.  And the take on this from The subs...good lord.  This is just gorgeous.  "Trapped" is dropping on March 17 and their new album Hologram is out later this month on March 31.