Producers The Alchemist and Budgie have teamed up with entrepreneur Frank The Butcher and his entertainment label BAU Music / All Is Fair Agency to release their collaborative project The Good Book. However, this isn't your average CD release. The packaging for the two-disc set comes in a faux book wrapped in leatherette with gold foil printing. If that's not intricate enough, the actual music provided by Alchemist and Budgie will feature gospel samples, playing right into theme of the good book. You know, the Bible.

Alchemist and Budgie share the first release from The Good Book today, "In Heaven's Home." The song includes verses from Roc Marciano and Mobb Deep's Prodigy, who rap over the soul-searching production with a fiery demeanor.

The Good Book will come out on March 11 as a limited release. That's right; only 1000 copies are available. Additional guests on the project include Action BronsonBluA$ton Mathews, Domo Genesis, Mick Luter, and J. Rocc. The Good Book can be pre-ordered at Get On Down now.

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