After learning from ScHoolboy Q which seafood restaurant in his neighborhood serves the worst fish, Nardwuar decided to holler at one of TDE's newest signees, Isaiah Rashad, while down at SXSW. 

Although every rapper should now know what to expect when they agree to hop on camera with Canada's most prodding interviewer, Rashad was genuinely surprised and creeped out by the some of the reveals Nardwuar hit him with. For example, the "Human Serviette" told the Tennessee rapper than his mom, who's a hair stylist, likes to listen to Johnny Mathis in her shop. 


To lighten things up, Nardwuar suggests a couple punk bands for Rashad to listen to if he's interested in getting into the genre, including Subhuman's "Slave to My Dick." 

Watch the video above.  

[via YouTube]