Comparing Munchi to anyone else making music of any genre in 2014 is a foolish proposition. Whereas Skrillex can release an album on a video game and Beyonce can announce an album on Instagram, Munchi struck again with Vol III: Perreo 101 this afternoon like a thief in the night, stealing the underground's zeitgeist with a single, familiar three-note whistle call. He's doing this making music that can't be classified. While yes, it might be cool for fans of either artist hear Skrillex make UK funky or hear Beyonce rap about having sex with Jay Z, Munchi's literally making music in genres that either didn't exist until the first track of a new EP, or, were long-since considered dead by music fanatics both underground and mainstream.

Quite simply, Perreo 101 is reggaeton magnificently re-inspired. Last year, much was made in the wonderful world of Facebook posts and tweets of Munchi spending time recording music in Miami with a ton of top underground dance producers, as well as legendary reggaeton producers including DJ Blass, and vocalists including Do Androids Dance's own Ma-Less. The result is Perreo 101, which, in Munchi's own words, is "something I grew up with and eventually made [me] want to make music - Reggaeton. Not just any kind though. It's all about the early 2000's era of Reggaeton. DJ Blass was on top of his game with a sound that on one hand sounded extremely cheesy, ripped off all the hits of that era and lacked more than it actually had, but damn, there isn't a thing in the world of music that I love more than this."

If you're wanting more words from Munchi, Dee Jay Umb at Generation Bass conducted a lengthy interview with the notorious recluse. It's certainly worth a read. But, enough words. Munchi (basically) made reggaeton. I probably didn't need to write anything at all to entice you into listening in the first place.