Those that consider Girl Talk nothing more than a mashup DJ certainly have their reasons to doubt this EP, as well as those that haven't been following the career of Philadelphia rapper Freeway as he dips below the Billboard radar.  That said, I'm pretty sure that I'm the first blogger that has put ears to the full project, and I did so last month at the Philadelphia studio of Mike Jerz, who engineered this project.  Freeway played this for me front to back, and it's absolutely nuts.  It's lyrically poignant, and each production is completely outside of the box for what one would expect from Girl Talk.

Freeway went to New York's Brooklyn Bowl back in October to join Girl Talk to perform "Tolerated", and the results were magical.  Beyond Getting coverage and a push from Pitchfork, there was also confirmation that a full EP called Broken Ankles would be coming out as a collaborative project between these two artists to be released this fall.  Those that were excited have reason to rejoice, as it looks as if this is coming out for free download via DatPiff on April 8.  Young Chris and Jadakiss have officially been announced as features on this project, and we also have a teaser of the video for "Tolerated," which now features Waka Flocka Flame.  See below: