We know, we know, you're just getting your feet wet in the electronic playland that is Miami Music Week, but festival season won't stop or wait for you. Moogfest is right around the corner, with their April 23-27 date quickly approaching. Hell, we imagine most of you who are purposefully avoiding the EDM-flavors down in Miami will be more in tune with the lineup at Moogfest, whicih features headliners like Chic (featuring Nile Rodgers), M.I.A., Flying Lotus, Zeds Dead, Giorgio Moroder, Dillon Francis, and more. We included the full line-up at the bottom of this post, but before you go there, let's talk to you about this mix we're premiering today.

Fans of the deeper, more spacious side of the electronic music scene should be up on this London producer. 2013 saw his track, "Love Your Illusion," channel that back-to-the-future electronic vibe into the mix, which was big in a year where Daft Punk made Giorgio Moroder more relevant to new fans than he's ever been. It's interesting that we mention Daft Punk, considering Volta shares a similar trait with them: for two years, Eric Volta chose to remain anonymous while touring around London as a DJ. Building on the success and acclaim of "Love Your Illusion," we're told that Volta has a new label on the way. He also released the Blood Burgundy EP with vocalist Gretz earlier this month.

Today, we present to you Eric Volta's special "Walking On Planet Moog" mix, which is the eighth in a serious of Moogfest 2014 mixes. This is for the foundation of the scene, with Volta casting aside new(er) material for tracks by Moroder, Kraftwerk, Talking Heads, Eno, Tangerine Dream, and others. Give this one a whirl and understand where he's coming from, as well as where the power of the Moog came from.


01.Vangelis - Spiral
02. East - Lélegzet
03. Eno, Moebius & Roedelius - The Belldog
04. Talking Heads - Drugs
05. Steve Hackett - A Tower Struck Down
06. Roxy Music - Sultanesque
07. Giorgio Moroder - Aus
08. Kraftwerk - Metropolis
09. Transvolta - Disco Computer
10. Blancmange - Holiday Camp
11. Tangerine Dream - Sphinx Lighting (pt.1)
12. The Buggles - I Love You (Miss Robot)
13. Tangerine Dream - Sphinx Lighting (pt.2)