Skrillex might have just finally released his debut LP and people might finally be ready to come back around on the dubstep bandwagon, but let it be known that we never really left.  Surely we get frustrated with the scene's over saturation and thus reduced overall quality, but that's not to say that we don't still find the wobble as maddeningly explosive as we did when we first heard it.

One guy who lives and breathes this essence is New York's own Symbiotic. This guy throws down hard whether he's releasing collabs with Rekoil on Firepower Records, releasing his own stuff on Exertion, or showing up at any number of bass spots on the East Coast and unleashings his load of dubs.  In his installment of the DAD Mix, the dubsteppin' connoisseur unloads tunes from a who's who of some of my favorite dubstep producers today including but not limited to Datsik, 50 Carrot, Coffi, Noisia, Dubloadz, Trollphace, and Badklaat.  A near perfect hour of wobble madness, Symbiotic just delivered a shot of adrenaline and you need it.

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Symbiotic DAD Mix Artwork (with Tracklist)