Don't you love it when you see a new track from one of your favorite newer artists just pop on your SoundCloud feed one innocent morning? Well that's what happened for me when I woke one morning and saw Ambassadeurs had uploaded a new track, "Rain."  After getting on my radar last fall with his Alone In The Light EP, the Brighton, UK producer is back with "Rain."  An aptly titled track for the UK producer, "Rain" is a darker track fit for your underground moody nights.  Explaining his thought process behind the creation of this single, Ambassadeurs said:

"I made this track when exploring a slightly darker side of my music on a rainy evening over winter. I wanted to do something. slightly different from my usual stuff. I made most of the track out of recording household objects. I set some mics up in my kitchen to record lots of the percussion sounds for example. The idea was I wanted it to have a metallic and industrial sound with loads of reverb like it's being played out in an empty warehouse"

Upon listening to this track a few times (again and again), we're sitting here impressed and wowed not only because the track is dope on it's own, but because we know he executed his idea perfectly.  This heavy track was made with pitch-shifted vocals samples intermingled between disquieting, shuffling garage percussion as a base, but it's the inclusion of  lush pads and massive reverb on the track that really tie it together.

Be on the lookout for Ambassadeur's debut album dropping this summer, and grab "Rain" today.