Album: Lil Boosie, Bad Azz (2006)

If disco proved that the club could be an open, utopian space for people forced by society to the margins, hip-hop proved that dance music could just as easily be a stage for hypermasculine, macho theatrics and the ever-present threat of violence. Saying "Set It Off" sounds "barbed" feels like ungracious understatement. The record is a series of taunts and zero tolerance. Boosie's rhetorical target isn't the only one who's weak; it's his entire bloodline. "Your mama had more heart than your daddy bitch-ass/He ain't gon' set nothin off, that's who made you soft." 

Although Boosie has made plenty of consistent projects, the line between the sound of his mixtapes and full albums was pretty negligible; "Set It Off" came from his '06 record Bad Azz, which also produced the medium-hit single "Zoom," and it's packed with the same brittle mid-'00s club sound that backs the bulk of his catalog.