Producer: 808 Mafia
Mixtape: Respect Tha Grind, Radio Vol. 5

Whereas "Stoner" was unprecedented, an errant banger packed with ideas that burst outward at odd angles, "Danny Glover" is streamlined: the beat, courtesy Southside and TM88 is straightforward, its sour guitar tones cycling through only three notes while the snares and hi-hats snap on the heels of the powerful kick drum. Young Thug's approach to flowing feels spontaneous, experimental, as if he didn't know how he was going to attack the beat until he was sitting in the room. There's an undeniable catchiness to each line he spits, the rhythms and inflections putty in his hands: "OK cool, ok bool, I love her," "Money stand like eight feet just like TWOOOO midgets," "Ston-er my lifestyle/I'm living too wild." But dismiss his bars at your own peril; "Danny Glover" ranks as one of his most quotable songs, even if the lines can give you that gut-sinking "oof" feeling: "I just bought a Bentley and the bitch came with it!" "I don't like using profanity but the Young Thugger will cut you," "If she ain't a virgin then that bitch is only average." Damn, tell em how you really feel.