Now that the Olympics are over, we can get back to our regularly scheduled thinking that Russia is still the Soviet Union, Vladimir Putin can't hold a candle to Mikhail Gorbachev, and that Dolph Lundgren's actual name is Ivan Drago and he's going to kill Rocky Balboa just like he bludgeoned Apollo Creed to death. If you honestly believe that any of these things are true in 2014, then you're absolutely going to love Moscow bass music peddlers the Midget Ninja Soundsystem's latest, the free-to-download Soviet TЯAP! EP.

Comprised of DJ/producers Groove Daddy, Chuck Upbeat, Winick and Beep (as well as a "community of DJs, sound producers, journalists and singers"), the crew are technically adept producers. However, where they truly shine is in understanding how to cheekily weave old world stereotyping with indie-to-mainstream friendly EDM for a uniquely ear-worming good time.

The Soundsystem describe the four-track EP with a native political understanding that likely far exceeds this writer's own Socialist leanings, so the floor is theirs:

The epic come-back starts with a highly comradish, Sovietically accurate 4 tracks EP “Sovieт TЯAP” with a big booty seal of ideological approval. 

1. “Moscow Speaking (Moscow TRAP)” is the modern Ring the Alarm of the great capital with Kremlin bells rockin'
2. “Marusya’s cry of joy” is a collab between Midget Ninjas and a wikkid bass producer, a comrade from Novosibirsk (Russia) the one and only White Gangster. Who rocks Russian underground scene with his massive Dutch House and TRAP releases.
3. “Soviet Clown Posse” is a war song of soviet clowns out for conquering world. It is a rework of legendary Soviet Circus anthem a true banger for trap luvaz!
4. “The Dawn of Tovarisch” uses a soviet radio jingle announcing the new day of the good old Soviet Empire. This sound was the first thing every true comrade heard early in the morning before comminting himself to the Great Cause.