Complex TV is back with another exclusive show that explores all of the questions you wanted to know about your favorite artists. From the first album they ever bought to their favorite cuss words and go-to restaurants, find out what makes your favorite artists Complex Individuals

In this episode of Complex Individuals Devin The Dude talks about the most interesting person he's ever met. It happens to be an old school rapper by the name of Blowfly, who Devin used to listen to growing up. "He was kind of raunchy back in the day," Devin says. "He had a song called 'Rapp Dirty.' I wasn't able to listen to it when I was small, but I used to sneak in and listen to it and remember all the lyrics. That's what I thought rap was." Devin says he met Blowfly later on as an adult, and his encounter with him is a story you won't want to miss.

Devin The Dude also reveals his favorite song ever, which is James Taylor's 1976 record "Shower the People." The song has an uplifting message to it, something Devin enjoys whenever he's feeling down. "No matter what situation I'm in or how I'm feeling, and I wanna kind of be picked up a little bit, I put 'Shower the People' on and everything gets back to regular."

Devin The Dude's latest album One for the Road is available on iTunes. If you enjoyed this episode, check out Migos' latest appearance on Complex Individuals below.




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