Houston's most dependably chill guy and foremost weed ambassador Devin The Dude is putting out a new album, One For The Road, on October 15, and he's released a stream for the public's previewing pleasure. Soulful, lush and laid back, it's probably not going to surprise anyone with its overall tone, but that doesn't mean it's not full of plenty of satisfying moments that capitalize upon Devin's trademark everyman appeal and instinct for melody.

Lead single "Probably Should Have" offers a woeful take on a relationship gone awry, while the title track builds into a comforting, atmospheric groove with nothing more than a single sung phrase. It's a project that sounds great and is worth getting lost in, so to speak (Devin may have some tips on hand for improving your listening enjoyment, so listen closely).

Check it out below:

[via TSS]

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