Kanye West and Justin Bieber kept Southern California's law enforcement officials busy this week. It started with an incident between the Biebz and his neighbors, who claim the pop singer and his friends egged their home. The LAPD were issued a search warrant to raid Bieber's home. But instead of finding evidence of the prank, the cops found... cocaine! It belonged to Bieber's friend Lil Za, who you may or may not remember (probably not) as the young Texas rapper who did the track "Rain Dropz."

Somewhere else in L.A., Kanye West, allegedly, physically assaulted an 18-year-old who'd verbally assaulted Kim Kardashian. But the Westdashians also had things to smile about this week: Yeezus achieved platinum status from the RIAA, and Bruce Springsteen told NPR's Ann Powers that he thinks the rapper is "incredible."

All that and more in What The Hell Just Happened In Music This Week?

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