Though bubbling on the underground for quite some time, it's an entirely arguable notion that the time has come for ballroom/vogue house's rise to full mainstream awareness. Somewhere between Mad Decent head honcho Diplo making waves at a higher level of the pop EDM game, to ballroom aficionado Venus X DJing for M.I.A. to the Hood By Air fashion house becoming a ubiquitous staple of the video wardrobes of pop stars like rapper Drake looking to align themselves with some left-field cool, the vogue house sound - especially the beats of DJ/producer Mike Q - is next. Likely aware that his (and the scene he represents) time is now. Thus, he kicks off 2014 with a scintillating mix of what's hot and now in the rising ballroom/vogue house sound.

If unaware, the closest corollary to ballroom is club music. Similar to how club is largely built at its core from breakbeats in Lyn Collins' "Think" or Gaz's "Sing Sing," ballroom owes much of its connective fiber to Masters at Work's 1991 house classic "The Ha Dance." A futuristic update of where house goes modern, Queen Beat Productions crew affiliate Mike Q's hour-long mix of what he describes as "Whats Recent In Ballroom And Ballroom Influenced Tracks That Actually Work In Ballroom.. Lots Of Qween Beat Material, Some New Dubs From Myself, Music Of Others That I Enjoy," is a sultry, hard and heart-palpitating journey into what may lie at the future of what becomes a "shocking mainstream hit dance single" of 2014.