So we just recently had that chance to pick Feadz' brain a bit, but now the full beast of his debut LP is now on the loose. Instant Alpha, the long awaited full length from this arguable legend is out now on Ed Banger Records and Paris is officially all up in your face for 2014.  We've been saying it as a collective for a minute that the French were going to run a lot of this year, and this LP is severely backing up this claim in the early stages.

Feadz is a full blown OG at this point in the dance music game.  His discography is full of credentials and his work alone with Uffie is basically the foundation of white female vocalists singing and rapping all over the place these days.  For whatever reason though, the debut LP doesn't hit until after 15 years or so after the start of his amazing career.  After multiple listens, this was completely and totally worth the wait.

From the get go, this album is an extremely adventurous and fun exploration of hip-hop and club music from the future, with a very keen touch of the past.  808s from the next century are flexing around classic-esque sample chops, old school '80s synths, crazy original vocal collaborations and all types of next level vibes.  You can also tell this is definitely what Feadz wants the future to sound like.  Easy highlights are both versions of "Eastside" that push peak level club music to all sorts of new heights.  The remix version with Big Dope P is more than ripe for explosion during this current Jersey Club mania.  "Electric Empire" with collaborator and current significant other, Kito, is an amazing nod to classic dance music and club culture in the lyrics while sounding every bit like the next generation.  "Instant Delta (Nos Two)" is an extremely well-executed, vibed-out house party primer.  "Metaman" continuously throws you for a loop as it's intricate classic sounding electro synths deftly move over a beat that's both simultaneously hip-hop and techno.  And the video for it is a complete mindfuck.

It's really easy to just keep going on and on about this record as there really aren't any misses on it.  I'm also curious to know how likely an Ed Banger resurgence in 2014 is when you have something this tight drop before the first month is out.  Only time will tell on that one really.  It's definitely all about Instant Alpha right now.