You may think you're sick of this phrase. I, too, was denying everything turn up related, hoping to retire all of it with YOLO in a category of phrases ruined by white people. We just kept saying it in our best white person voice, and then put it on shirts, and soon enough you hear your mom talking about turn down for what?

What? Stop it. Kill that phrase dead.

Then Snake and his team get together with Lil Jon to revive the original intent of the turn up philosophy. If there is one dude to show how real a turn up can get in one phrase, it is Lil Jon screaming about "shots" and "turn down for what?" Leave it to Jon to immortalize a phrase that seemed dead in it tracks. Plus, the drop on the original mix is dope as fuck. I thought I'd be hard pressed to find a remix that could match it, let alone beat it to a bloody pulp.

Then YourEDM premiered this remix from Bamboora.

Bamboora's remix provides yet another justification for turn up, thoough it is the what to not turn down for, an indication of the deep house awesomeness of this fine artist. This traphouse take on the original begs the question, "DJ Snake who?" The dirty drops are what really get me, changing the whole feel of the original mix, but just as sure to have dance floors everywhere completely losing their minds. This guy's no ghost, just sort of transcendental in spirit. I dig his steez. He gets real spiritual when it comes to music, recognizing its universal, timeless significance. Bamboora's house and electro styles have been firing up the decks all over New England.

Nothing to turn down for here folks. Get out your chalice, pour it up, and say "yea!"