The music journalism world might as well have played an elaborate prank on its loyal readers this week, considering the headlines. Jaypledges veganism. Justin Bieber has a song with Chance The Rapper. Donald Glover made an album. But these things really happened, and we must acknowledge them accordingly. Really, this is what makes music news fun. The moments when we get to imagine the possiblities. In the brief moments between knowing about the Chance and Bieber song and its release, we get to think about what it will sound like. Maybe this will be the moment that catapults Chance to superstar status, when the entire world a.k.a. Bieber's Twitter followers hear it. Or maybe Bieber will murder this year's most promising new lyricist and this moment will mark the moment that Bieber makes a transition to seriously considered rapper. While we're thinking about that, we can can wonder if Jay's veganism will become a new trend in rap. Green juice deals become the norm over liquor lines. Or maybe you can follow along for the 22 days that he has pledged to plants. There are few better reasons to change your diet than because Mr. Carter is doing it. But knowing him, he probably has some vested interest in what he's doing here. Perhaps he already owns the New York-based Blueprint Juice company. He has to be making money off of this somehow. But before we get too ahead of ourselves, what the hell else happened in music this week?

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