Pharrell's marketing was on max in 2006, the same year he dropped his debut album, In My Mind. Lil Wayne shouted out Icecream on a song with Juelz Santana, "Rewind," but Pharrell mentioned the brand on nine songs that year. The majority were featured on his debut album but he also made sure his brands got mentioned on albums he produced like Clipse's Hell Hath No Fury and Slim Thug's Already Platinum. He even dropped a reference on his collaboration with Gwen Stefani, helping introduce Billionaire Boys Club to the pop world.

"Yeah, Icecream hoodie, Bathing Ape tennis shoes/No time for pictures, no time for interviews" Lil Wayne on "Rewind"

"The Icecreams make all the bitches want to fuck/Plus the black card is something like an armored truck." Pharrell on "When Skateboard Came"

"From these sherbet Icecreams with a dose of lime/I'm strictly Shirley Temple Nigo wants to toast with wine." Pharrell on "Swagger International"

"Walk in the place, they know my face/Billion...aire boys/Ice cream drippin' 'cross the floor." Pharrell on Gwen Stefani's "Yummy"

"Oooh had a chilly chilly past/Look at the Icecream symbol that's why the nigga laugh." Pharrell on "Liquid Swords"

"Face on the Newsweek the actress want to date you/Icecream boutique the Icecream skate shoe." - Pharrell on "Liquid Swords"

"Haters, I'm doin' deals like the majors Icecream sneakers, I signed my first skater." - Pharrell on Clipse's "Mr. Me Too"

"Look mama, I be fly papa/Strictly Bathing Ape, Icecream, and BBC rocker, EGHCK!" - Pusha T on Clipse's "Wamp Wamp (What It Do)"

"You can't out bling me, or BBC jean me/You ain't got no vibe, you can go and ask MiMi." - Pharrell on Slim Thug's "Keep It Playa"

"Can't be mad at the world cause you and your girl ain't famous/Cause you both on Bape, BBC, and chainless." - Pharrell on "Best Friend"