In 2005, Pharrell's Star Trak label continued to carry Billionaire Boys Club on its back. Both Malice and Pusha T of the Clipse mentioned BBC in their raps and Pharrell utilized two features that year to keep pushing his brand. By the following year, Billionaire Boys Club exploded.

"The true style icon to me is Pharrell Williams," said Pusha T in The Oral History of BBC/Icecream. "And what they’ve created and continue to create, to just raise the bar for a brand that is rich in quality and rich in a standard. It’s probably the go-to streetwear brand. I want people to know, like I do this as the student. I am 100% a student of Pharrell Williams. Style student; Pharrell Williams."

"I British broadbast, this is Billionaire/Boys Club, fuck the rocks, color canary." Malice on Clipse's "Where You Been"

"You got it wrong, I don't touch the heaters/Though my Icecream sneakers got the drug dealer beepers." —Pharrell on Slim Thug's "Already Platinum"

"Get your two step cause this the record of the year/Nigga that brought you Icecreams, 2 for a pair." Pharrell on "Can I Have It Like That"

"All that hair and all that wear/BAPE, BBC, Three Dots and all that there." Pusha T on Faith Evans' "Goin' Out"