Producer: Eminem
Album: Devil's Night

Everything about "Girls" seems ridiculous in retrospect: calling dudes "sissies," white rappers (naturally) scrapping with other white rappers, and vociferous, brutal beef over TRL-based slights. Em had beef with Everlast, while their mutual aquaintance, DJ Lethal (of both Limp Bizkit and House of Pain) played it neutral. That is, until: "Then I look on the TV, now who's mentioning me/That little fucking weasel, DJ Lethal, on MTV/After I gave you props on that song on national TV/You're talking 'bout Everlast is going to whip my ass when he sees me?/C'mon dog, you was supposed to be on that song." Oops. Em goes on to mock the Limp Bizkit hit "Rollin'" and Fred Durst's penchant for talking about how much people hate him. "They don't hate you," Em says, "they just think you're corny since Christina played you." (That's Durst's former girlfriend Christina Aguilera.)

Em had his fair share of pop culure conflict back in the TRL days. But no matter how strange it may have seemed then, looking back, one thing is certain: he generally decimated someone once he targeted them: "And fuck Bizkit!/Cuz I know you're saying 'Fuck D12'/But not to our face, under your breath, to yourselves." —David Drake