Producer: Rob "Reef" Tewlow
Album: N/A

We dare you to find a more lyrical pairing of rappers than Eminem and Royce da 5'9". While the Detroit duo didn't team up for an official album until 2011's Hell: The Sequel, they first paired up in 1999 to release the single "Nuttin' to Do" / "Scary Movies." While "Scary Movies" became a cult classic and one of Em's more celebrated tracks, "Nuttin' to Do" is often overlooked.

"Nuttin' to Do" is typical Em in his early Slim Shady incarnation. The song is another lyrical exercise where Em does drugs, raps like a mental patient ("Nurse, look at this straitjacket, it's crooked"), and takes shots at the label A&Rs he was no doubt dealing with while trying to get a record deal. But it's just oh so clever, evidenced by lines like, "Forget a chorus, my metaphors are so complicated/It takes six minutes to get applause." —Nick Sella