RAW Records pushes nothing but the best music they can possibly find. The ear is one of the best in independent music, and every single release that has dropped on this label has been bonkers. I actually confirmed that this would go up on Do Androids Dance without even hearing it, and that should speak volumes. Their roster includes Thomas White, Dear Lola, Hesk, and Watapachi. Dozens of artists we love have been cherry picked by RAW for a stream of flawless content.

And of course this Canadian imprint is pushing tunes from Switzerland's Shake It Maschine and Mr. Pigman, because they're continuously digging for underground sounds from around the world. And though the focus on Sky Simulator is footwork, it's much deeper than that. It's marvelously crafted, sounds like nothing I've ever heard, and truly pushes boundaries in bass music. And as good as this release is, RAW Records is giving it out for free. Snag, enjoy, and give the label a follow for their hard work.