Last night, one of the more intriguing EDM-related hashtags hit the Vine community, #LateNightTerribleDrops. Commenting on the section of the electronic music-loving community that is infatuated primarily with "the drop," this was a bit different; Reddit user mrdvno recently spoke out on this craze, and upload what we have been jokingly calling his "anti-drop" tracks via his SoundCloud page. He's been able to craft some hilarious parodies, doing things like stitching an epic build-up to drop into... a Filet-O-Fish ad:

You get the idea. In an email to Daily Dot, mrdvno had the following to say: "Epic drops are loads of fun for the DJ to play and the audience to hear, but when it's all about the drop, as it generally is these days, DJing is less about challenging the listener with something provocative and interesting and more about giving them what they want." And we agree. We also agree with people making hilarious Vines of their reactions to other "terrible drops," many of which have been following @chrismelberger's lead. and wanted share some of our favorites.