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D12 "Shit On You" (2001)

Producer: DJ Head, Eminem
Album: Devil's Night

If anything epitomized D12's shock rap juvenilia in its prime form, it's "Shit On You," which is about shitting on you. Over a gentle descending melody and whispered hook. That's really the concept, and each rapper elects to explain their relationship to that concept in a variety of ways. For Em's part: "My adolescent years weren't shit to what I do now/I never grew up, I was born grown, and grew down." In keeping with his opening lines, his verse degenerates from knowing lines ("The more ignorant the incident is? I fit in,") to simply describing the different ways he'll (yeah) shit on you. Or maybe spit on you. Or do the opposite, and piss on you. Maybe he'll pop a squat; maybe he'll do it like a Biggie skit. Either way, no matter what, he'll pull down his pants and.... —David Drake

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