Ever since "Bastard" in 2010, Tyler, The Creator has been steadily getting his reps in as a video director under the alias Wolf Haley. He most recently did the impressive visuals for "Tamale," and if YouTube was paying close attention to his creative output they would have nominated him for a video award.

NPR has now released another music video directed by Tyler, and it brings as much mystery to the table as it does a compelling visual component. The song is called "Glowing" and follows the narrative of a couple whose relationship blossoms as time goes by. However, the artist who created "Glowing" is not revealed in the video, nor in the article posted by NPR.

Christian Clancy, Odd Future's manager, did speak on the video, though he did not divulge any information on the artist as well. "This was a song I heard nine months ago and couldn't get out of my head. We thought it would be a cool opportunity for Tyler to show another side of himself," he says. "I played the song for him on a plane, not knowing whether he would like it (he's a tough audience), and he did. What people take from it is up to the viewer I suppose. Controlling the narrative seems contradictive to the point. For me it's a challenge to the assumption that ignorance is bliss, and that challenge is as timely as it's ever been."

Speculation is that the singer is D.A. Wallach of Chester French. The group, which is also comprised of Maxwell Drummey, has had a close relationship with Pharrell and his Star Trak label. In turn, Pharrell has been a buddy of Tyler for quite some time. 

[via NPR]

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