DJ Khaled continued the promotional blitz for his upcoming album, Suffering From Success, by sharing another feature-packed song today. Bringing together the soulful vocals of John Legend, Anthony Hamilton and Akon, as well as three fantastically conflicted verses about trust (or the lack thereof) from the murderers' row of Scarface, Jadakiss and Meek Mill, over Street Runner and Khaled's beautifully lush production, it's killer.

This might be the best song to surface yet from Khaled's album, an introspective, old-school East Coast cut (Jada gets particularly real, with lines like "Shit don't always happen how you plan it/get jammed up you really find out who your fam is") dressed up in higher production values (don't sleep on those peals of guitar in the background). And there's a great outro from a much-missed Akon! Suffering From Success is out October 22.

Check out "Never Surrender" below:

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