Mixtape: Diary of a Trap God
Producer: Lex Luger

When Young Scooter was first ascendant, after the success of "Colombia," then on the strength of the Street Lottery mixtape and his subsequent appearances on Future's FBG tape, a few critics seemed baffled by his rise. He has a good, distinctive rapper's voice, but his flow was fairly straightforward and his lyrics seemed full of almost impossibly mythic drug talk. But one of his underrecognized strengths was an ability to compelling project pathos. (Consider "Appeal.") So he's a good fit here, even if he ends his verse with the line "Hoes shitted on me five years ago/Now I'm shitting on these hoes like a toilet bowl." 

Yeah, the whole song is basically Mike Jones's "Back Then," just with an additional heartfelt Akon hook. But that makes all the difference. And considering this might be Gucci's last released record for some time (he was arrested for gun possession in mid-September), there's an added emotional undercurrent. The song is hooky enough that it's not tough to envision some kind of alternate Gucci history, one without recurrent trips to jail, in which the rapper crests atop the pop charts over a track like this one.