A few weeks back, we heard rumors of Daft Punk possibly releasing a Random Access Memories box set, and today it appears that you can pre-order this monster for $275 right now. Inside this massive, cloth-bound box, you will find the following Random Access Memories treats:

  • A pair of full-body robot posters (12" x 24") printed on heavy weight matte finish poster paper
  • A pair of gold and silver plated USB drives that will include high-resolution audio files from all of the 13 Random Access Memories tracks, as well as the bonus track "Horizon" and their remix of "Get Lucky," as well as the "Lose Yourself to Dance" video, all of the Random Access Memories TV spots, and the extended "Get Lucky" promo from Coachella
  • A 56-page, cloth-bound photo book with pictures from the Random Access Memories sessions, with a foreword from Paul Williams
  • A special 180 gram double vinyl edition of Random Access Memories
  • A special 10" vinyl contained the extended interview with Giorgio Moroder that birthed "Giorgio By Moroder"
  • A 70mm film strip containing five frames from the "Lose Yourself to Dance" dailies
  • Two sets of robot helmet schematics

What in the actual fuck! Not exactly everything we hoped for, but we're not mad at what you're getting. These ship early-December, so get your hands on this today!

(Harder Blogger Faster)