Chicago's Sasha Go Hard has been carving out a lane for herself as one of the city's premiere shit-talkers. She's made it no secret in the past that she doesn't have a lot of patience for lame behavior, and on "Spaz Out," a SkillzOnTheBeat-produced standout from her recent mixtape Nutty World, she explains exactly what to expect if you run afoul of her: "I'll treat a bitch/act ratchet."

In a dark video bookended by clips of a recent live show in Chicago, Sasha gives a brief survey of some of the reasons she might lose it. She's also joined by the most adorable backup dancer ever: He looks like he's about five, and he might give Terio a run for his money. Spaz out with them accordingly.

Check out the video, shot by AJP Films, above.

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