Written and Directed by: James Franco

Starring: Aubrey Graham, Rooney Mara, James Franco, Taylor Kitsch

US Box Office Gross: $128,037,263

Rotten Tomatoes: 91%

Plot: Hollywood workhorse James Franco enlists Aubrey Graham (Othello), Rooney Mara (Desdemona), Taylor Kitsch (Cassio) and obviously himself (Iago) in an on screen adaption of Shakespeare’s classic tragedy of jealousy, betrayal, honor, racism, and love.

Trivia: When Graham wins Best Actor at the Academy Awards, he gives a memorable and abrupt teary-eyed speech. “Wow. I just, I just can’t believe I’m up here right now," he says, sniffling and crying. "Just thank you to everyone who helped me get up here. I don't wanna miss a name, but you know who you are. This is so great. We're getting so turnt tonight!" The press lauds Graham's speech with numerous publications calling it one of the best and most authentic Oscar moments of all time.

Noteworthy Awards: Winner of Best Picture, Best Actor (Aubrey Graham), Best Supporting Actor (James Franco) and Actress (Rooney Mara), Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Costume Design at the Academy Awards