Colta, you crazy for this one. The aptly-titled "You Don't Know Heat" is a tune sure to shake up systems and wreck havoc on a welcoming dancefloor. Colta, the NYC-born, LA-residing producer/DJ has been part of the bubbling West Coast scene. His live sets are a intoxicating, dancefloo- erupting concoction often constructed of disparate materials linked through timely and superb track choice. Drawing from the likes of deep house, hip-hop, garage, baltimore club, jungle, techno, and more, Colta's sets and production style effortlessly mixes a sinister badman vibe with a subtle but modern party-hardy attitude and often, a sensual smoothness.

With "You Don't Know Heat," Colta puts down the flex as he picks elements from jersey club, techno, house and bass, old school rave, baltimore club, and bass and takes on a sonic similarity to the likes of Dirtybird and ClekClekBoom contemporary French Fries. There's no question that this is heat. And as they say, "if you can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen!" Snag this joint now before it's gone.