Breaking Bad gave us five seasons of stellar television and now it's all over. Last night, the series finale, aptly titled "Felina," aired and ended the show's incredible run. (We dare not reveal anything that happened in case you haven't seen it yet.) We plan on mourning its absence by re-watching it until the end of time on Netflix or by simply trying to find another show on-air that’s just as good. At least Breaking Bad went out on top thanks to the show’s stellar writing and acting.

But, you know what, Breaking Bad was a well-rounded show. The soundtrack is as equally amazing as its other components. No, it didn’t feature a large amount of current hits like The OC, Gossip Girls or most notably Entourage—but the songs featured on Breaking Bad were great in their own regard. The show used a variety of songs to add an additional dimension to the craft of the show. Plus, often times, the songs lyrics or message would overlap with the themes of the episodes. In honor of the dearly departed drama, we give you the 13 Great Songs Used On Breaking Bad. Yeah bitch! Heisenberg for life! 

Written by H. Drew Blackburn (@hdrewblackburn

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