Eminem is not the first rapper to be politically outspoken in his rhymes, but during the George W. Bush presidency he was definitely one of the most vocal. His first two albums came out during the tail end of the Clinton administration and Em would use the infamous Monica Lewinsky scandal as something to poke fun at, but it was more for jokes than social commentary. But on The Eminem Show and Encore, he was really going at Bush.

Prior to the 2004 presidential election, Eminem released "Mosh." "Stomp, push, shove, mush/Fuck Bush, until they bring our troops home," rapped Eminem. He even held a "Shady National Convention" in New York City to promote his station Shade 45, and Encore, one week prior to the 2004 election. Since Obama was elected in 2008, we haven't heard much from Eminem in terms of politics, but it would be interesting to see his take on some of the controversial issues that have been in the news lately.