Let me preface this by saying that DAD doesn't condone illegal activity. We are about that DIY lifestyle, though, and this might be the wildest thing I've seen in terms of DIY partying in a while. This isn't some typical Project X-style rager in your parent's home. This is a 19-year-old throwing a party on the Manhattan Bridge... with roughly 350 people attending!

Xandernation has apparently been throwing parties since the summer of 2012, "because clubs are terrible," and they like making people happy while throwing some pretty wild parties in out-of-the-ordinary locations. While it looks like this wasn't the first party thrown on the bridge (with the Facebook event page saying that their friends have thrown parties that lasted until 4AM on the bridge), this one got the most attention, with everyone from CBS to the NY Post getting the story on this event, which looks pretty crazy considering it went down at 10PM on a Friday night, on the Manhattan Bridge:

Yes, that totally happened. Roughly about 350 people were there around 11:30PM, per Gothamist's Scott Lynch, and it wasn't until 12:40AM that the police broke the party up, arresting three people (including Xandernation's Alex Xander). Alex said that one of the cops told him that he'd not seen something like this in 15 years, and word is that he plans on getting permits for his next party. Whatever the case may be, this is the best advertisement for Xandernation, and we have a feeling these kids will be making successes of themselves, just watch.