Earlier this week, Derek Jeter was the guest on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Fallon, a fan of Jeter's entrance, called upon The Roots to create a new at-bat theme song for Jeter. After two botched renditions, a cheesy ballad dedicated to Jeter's greatness and a screamo catastrophe that almost caused Fallon to pop a blood vessel, The Roots took over without Fallon's help and knocked it out of the park.

The vibe of the song is anthemic, and even on what is essentially a throwaway live performance, Black Thought drops a vicious verse in homage to the Yankee great. Thought said, "This heavy-hitter is every bit a world-class player/He's actually the Big Apple's honorary Mayor," his flow sounding as crisp as he does on any Roots recording.

The words of praise for Jeter certainly warms the heart of Yankees fans worldwide, but it must make the blood of Philly natives boil to hear their hometown heroes perform an ode to a Yankee player. Regardless of sports allegiances, this musical skit is another testament to just how pivotal The Roots have been to the success of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

[via LNWJF]

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