If you know DAD, you know we rock with the Jersey club sound... heavy. Two of the best in that scene are DJs Sliink and Nadus, who we champion on a fairly regular basis. It's always dope to see when any producer is in the studio, but for the heads involved in this particular style, it's even iller to see them in the lab, talking about their craft. They recently linked up with Casio and started toying with the Casio XW-P1, which Sliink says is practically a one-stop shop when it comes to creating their tracks. Nadus likes the feel of the knobs, which we know can be key for any producer who is locked in the dungeon for a while, churning out new product. You have to be comfortable with your tools, and it looks like the XW-P1 has what the guys need to continue knocking out huge tracks. Check out the video up above.