For any artist operating in 2013, social media is so essential. Your Twitter and Facebook timelines are places that you can not only promote yourself, but let the fans know more about you as a person. Guys like Diplo and Dillon Francis make great music, but their friends have fallen in love with their humor and personalities over everything else. So it sucks when we get messages from David Heartbreak saying that his Twitter account has been hacked and after numerous tried, he's not been able to get it back.

The problem lies within the email address that Heartbreak used to set up his Twitter account. It was registered with an email address that has been unused and is now inactive. Two weeks ago, Heartbreak received a link via DM that he probably shouldn't have clicked; it was something about weight loss, and seems to have been the trigger to his account being compromised. From what we've been told, he's been in contact with Twitter (as has people at OWSLA, his label) in attempts to get the account back. He's ran down all of the DMs that the account received, and you'd think that the fact that its verified would give some kind of preferential treatment. Alas, Twitter is sticking to their guns; all they're willing to do is send an account reset verification email to the inactive email account that Heartbreak no longer uses.

So, as of now, if you're trying to hit Heartbreak up via Twitter, don't. He's not in control of it (although his SoundCloud favorites still hit that timeline). Artists, take heed: make sure your information on these social media accounts is up to date, preferably as soon as you change your email/phone number/etc. We're hoping that Heartbreak gets back access to his verified Twitter account, as Twitter should really fix up and let him get in. It can't be that difficult... can it?

In the mean time, follow @ImHeartbreak for everything David Heartbreak-related.

UPDATE It looks like this post was the nudge Twitter needed: